Thursday, September 13, 2018


"The first and last day of school are the hardest for a teacher. The first day you are starting all over again. The last day you are letting go of the progress that was made.What comes in the middle is the building of a classroom community. Create your classroom community first, and the learning will fall naturally in place." - Kathy Griffin

We experienced tears, we laughed, we read "There is a dragon in my school",  "Pete the Cat - I love my white shoes", "Don't push the button" and "Mix it up"! We made new friends, we coloured, we cut, we glued, we played with play-dough, we did the Beanie Bag Dance, we ran, we learned new songs, we painted, we lost shoes, and we found them....we took the STOP-sign off the kitchen and we explored with mirrors and shiny stones. Our week was busy, but we all remembered what  Pete the cat said: "No matter what you step in, keep walking along singing your song, because it is ALL good."

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